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Travel To Georgia

Georgian culture has deep roots in ancient history and has survived the worst cataclysms of the centuries, but still maintains its originality even today. Just think of 1,800,000 year old traces of man, ancient historical and cultural monuments dating back to the 5th and 6th millennium B.C.; you will realize how unique Georgian culture is. It has always differed from other cultures by its unique art, polyphonic songs and fiery dances, stunning gold jewelry and precious metal processing technology. No wonder that from ancient times Georgia was of great interest for other countries. Proof of this interest is evident in the myth about the Argonauts, Jason and Medea. However, the Argonauts were not the first to discover Georgia. Located at the junction of Europe and Asia on the Silk Road, Georgia was explored by travelers, missionaries, and ambassadors who documented their journeys and later introduced Georgian culture to other nations.

Discovering Georgia means to get to know its history, customs, traditions and its magnificent array of unique art, historical monuments, architecture and beautiful landscape.
Discovering Georgia means to admire its wild nature, pure mountainous springs, rivers, mountains and fields, grottoes and caves, footprints of dinosaurs, national parks, with their unique flora and fauna stretching for thousands of kilometers.
Discovering Georgia means to enjoy Georgian national songs, inspiring dynamic dances and fantastic hospitality.
Discovering Georgia means to get to know its modern culture, poetry, classical musicians, and to take part in national festivals of folk and classical art and entertainment.
Discovering Georgia means to taste Georgian wine, made only from Georgian grapes and produced with the use of the oldest technology in the history of mankind; a divine drink admired by the Ancient Greeks and gourmets of neighboring countries. Georgian cuisine is extremely varied and delicious. You can taste imaginative Georgian food, delicious meat and vegetable dishes varying in different parts of Georgia.
Discovering Georgia means to become acquainted with its urban and rural life, to study Georgian traditions of welcoming guests, arranging public and religious festivities.
To discover Georgia means to walk, ride a horse or ski in beautiful high mountains (5000 m. and higher), go boating along the River Rioni, visit health resorts or tourist centers, drink indispensable mineral water and bathe in the Black Sea.

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